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Clear UV Resin Hard Type 25g *OUT OF STOCK*


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    Clear UV Resin Hard Type 25g

    Advanced LED Curing Resin with high transparency, speedy curing, workable with LED light, UV light, and sunlight.

    ●Cured with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(365nm) and under direct sunlight

    ●Cured resin is durable, waterproof product.

    ●Work with soft PP mold and silicone one.

    Curing time
    ●LED light(6W~9W) / 405nm 2-4 minutes 
    ●UV light (36W) / 2-4 minutes
    ●Sunny sunlight / 10-20 minutes
    ●Cloudy sunlight / 40-60 minutes
    ※Take longer cure time when you mix the colorant with resin.

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