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Fimo Soft Bottle Stoppers


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    Fimo Soft Bottle Stoppers 

    You will need these prouducts;

    • 1 block each of Fimo Soft 8020 in the colours black (9), raspberry (22), sun flower (16), peppermint (39), tangerine (42), tropical green (53), indian red (24), glitter gold (112), glitter purple (602) and metallic sapphire blue (38).
    • one pack of Fimo leaf, one to two bottles of Fimo gloss varnish, roller, tools and polymer clay oven thermometer.

    You will also requires:

    • Serveral wine corks, a small amount of aluminium foil, some mirror mosaic stones, E6000 glue, smooth work surface (glass or ceramic) and medium sized brush

    Step 1

    Crumple up a piece of aluminium foil loosely to a ball or an elongated egg shape - depending on whether you want to make a round shaped Hundertwasser tower or more of a long, slim one.  The use of aluminium foil helps save material on the one hand and, on the other hand, ensures that your bottle stoppers will not be too heavy. Roll the fimo out to a thin sheet and wrap it around the aluminium egg. The Fimo  then needs to be pressed firmly around the foil and formed into the desired shape. Smooth out any bulges, dents and cracks using your fingers or a modelling tool.

    Step 2

    If you've got a very thick wine cork, you should slightly taper the end that is later to be put into the bottle using a tool. Now fit the cork. To ensure that the finished stopper is going to be sturdy, it is important that the cork is embedded deeply enough in the modelling material. Once you've done this, carefully remove the cork again. NB: The cork must not be placed in the oven as it would expand in the heat and distort the Fimo!

    Step 3

    Those elemets which are later to be given a shiny golden finish are first made out of gold glitter Fimo. Next, carefully tear one sheet of leaf metal into small pieces and pick them up using a moist brush. This method can be used to place the flimsy pieces of leaf metal onto the Fimo and to smooth them down. Important: Do not apply leaf metal to areas where the golden element is to be affixed to your Fimo tower as it will not stick! You can now decorate your tower however you like and add, for example, windows and doors made out of mirror stones or contrasting Fimo colours.

    Step 4

    The finished work of art are then hardened in the oven for 30 minutes at 110'C. Remember not to put the corks in the oven! Once cool, you can stick the corks into the towers using two-component glue. To finish off, you can add a coat of gloss varnish to the modelled objects.  It is especially important to varnish the golden elements as the leaf metal would otherwise eventually rub off. The colourful, stylish bottlw stoppers in Hundertwasser design are now complete - guaranteed eye-catchers whatever bottle they are in!

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