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Resin Jewellery Project


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    Resin Jewellery Projects 

    EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy kit.  EasyCast Resin Jewelry Mold, (tray of assorted shapes. 2 trays are recommended) Opaque Black pigment.

    Gold Foil sheets and Metal Leaf,  turquoise colored beads, gold beads, gold accent beads, crimp beads, tubes with loop, clasp with jump rings.

    1. For each jewelry mold used, measure and mix one ounce of EasyCast per package instructions. Add four drops of Black pigment and stir thoroughly. 
    2. Fill each desired mold shape 1/3rd full.  Gently exhale over EasyCast poured pieces to remove bubbles as needed. Allow pieces to cure for 24 hours.
    3. Gently remove cast pieces from mold.  If pieces are difficult to remove, twist mold tray, then push on back of mold cavity. 
    4. With a small brush, apply a thin layer of the metal leaf adhesive to the  concave portion of each cast piece.
    5. Apply gold leaf by gently tearing a small section and smoothing it onto cast pieces. Gently brush off excess gold leaf. 
    6. Wrap the large ceramic tile with wax paper, then secure with tape to back; the tile must sit absolutely flat or level.  Place each cast piece flat side down on the wax paper covered tile.  At this point, the cast pieces will have a concave shape that will hold the next layer of EasyCast.  This concave area can be filled, creating a dome effect on each piece.
    7. Cut small pieces of both Gossamer fibers and arrange on the surface of the EasyCast pieces; overlap gossamer fibers onto gold leaf sections.
    8. Mix one ounce of EasyCast.  Using a plastic spoon or a thin stir stick, fill each cast piece. To control filling, apply mixed EasyCast drop by drop until a slight dome is created.  Be careful not to overfill! Allow pieces cure to 24 hours.
    9. With a small drill or Dremel tool, drill a small hole approximately 1/16 inch from top of each cast piece.  Clean hole with a piece of wire or paperclip.  The hole may look white, placing a few drops of clear nail polish in the hole will make the hole less noticeable; wipe excess polish from cast piece immediately.

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