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    Walnut Hollow Memory Tray

    Some of our most prized possessions are our family photo's. Yet often they are stored in old shoe boxes, dresser drawers, etc. Creating "Memory Trays" with Envirotex Lite is a great way to enjoy and show off these memorable moments. Memory trays make great gifts! Use Envirotex lite to permanently preserve and protect your photos with a waterproof, chemical and heat resistant finish. In addition, Envirotex Lite is acid & solvent free and can be used safely over color copies, newspaper clippings, paint and ink surfaces as well.

    Materials List:

    Envirotex Lite - 8 oz. kit
    Walnut Hollow Basswood Tray or Plate
    Photographs (Color Copies recommended for irreplaceable photographs).
    White Glue
    Craft or foam brush
    Wood Stain or paint for wood surface
    Newspaper clippings (optional)


    1. Protect your work surface with newspapers. Stain or paint trays with one or more coats. Allow to dry thoroughly.
    2. Trim your photos and arrange them on your tray. When working with irreplaceable photos, use color copies in place of the originals. Add any lettering on separate paper, cut to size ready to glue.
    3. Apply glue over entire wood tray surface with foam brush, immediately position pictures. To remove trapped air bubbles and excess glue from under your photos, place a plastic bottle or roller in the center of your photo. Gently roll to the outer edges. Allow glue to dry thoroughly.
    4. Seal the entire tray surface with three coats of white glue; let dry between coats. Once thoroughly dry, coat with Envirotex Lite per the package instructions.

    The cost is for print out a copy

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