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    ArtEmboss Necklace

    Materials: ArtEmboss, Double-side tape

    1. Cut out pattern. Place pattern onto ArtEmboss and cut out, leaveing border around all sides. Fold metal around to back. Apply Double-stick tape to back.

    2. Run wooden styles around metal to make them lay flat. Use wooden styles to make tiny indentations around border.

    3. Crumple up a piece of ArtEmboss. Open and flatten out as smooth as possible allowing small creases to remain. Cut into asymetrical shape. Apply Double-stick tape to back and press onto front of pendant where desired.

    4. From a scrap piece of ArtEmboss, draw a spiral with the stylus then cut out. Apply double-stick tape to back and apply to front center of pendant. 

    The cost is for print out a copy

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