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Download Baby Hands Memento Project


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    Air Dry Clay 

    Other Materials:
    Wooden Photo Frame (Two-sided, folded, for 3R (127x85 mm), craft, knife, burnt umber, brush, glue,
    Photograph of your child (3R / 127x85 mm) and Clean Towel.

    1. Using the clay mat and roller, take the whole pack of clay and roll it out into a rectangular shape so that it measures 115mm across x 150mm lengthways x 7mm thickness. Help your child to press their hand steadily and firmly into the middle of the clay rectangle (Use one or two hands depending on your child's age. You could even do a footprint instead).

    2. Once the impression is made, trim all edges to make sure it fits the inside edges of your chosen photo frame (Approx. 90mm x 125mm). Use the Clay Tool Set to make a kind of rough, rock-like texture on the raised clay surface around the impression. Use fairly delicate strokes, giving it a very subtle roughness to mimic the surface of rock.

    3. Use the Clay Tool Set to spell out your child's name in small dots in one corner as shown in our picture.

    4.Final. Set aside and allow it to dry for 2 days. Fix the clay impression onto the wooden panel at the back of the frame with the white glue. Insert your child's photograph opposite.

    The cost is for print out a copy


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