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Picture Frame Project


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    Picture Frame Project

    You will need these products:

    • Fimo Soft in the colours white (8020-0), blue (8020-35) and apple green (8020-50)
    • As well as fimo soft sun flower (8020-16)
    • Clay roller, polymer clay pasta machine (optional), slicer, polymer clay oven thermometer and gloss varnish

    You will also require:

    • Smooth work surface (glass or cermaic)
    • Mirror tile
    • Sheet of glass for picture fram
    • E6000 glue (optional)

    Step 1

    Using the roller or pasta machine, begin by making even sheet (approx. 5mm thick) out of the Fimo colours sun flower and apple green and two sheets (approx. 3mm thick) out of the colour blue. Begin with the ticker yellow sheet and place a blue sheet on top.

    Cut the edges straight. Then place the green and finally the second blue sheet on top.Every time a new sheet is placed on top, cut the edges straight so that you end up with a uniform block of Fimo.

    Step 2

    Then divide the block in the middle using a thin blade and place the two halves on top of each ohter. Divide and stack again so that the striped pattern is repeated four times. Using a thin blade, cut evenly-sized approx. 5mm thick slices off the block. Place the slices next to one another, ensuring as you do so that the pattern is continued correctly.

    Step 2

    Roll over everything again with the roller to remove an unevenness so that you are left with a uniform sheet. Shape the apple green Fimo soft into a sausage, approx. 1cm in diameter. Place it on the striped sheet, shorten to the right length and roll it up in the sheet. Take care to ensure that the edges of the sheet join exactly and do not overlap. Otherwise the pattern will be distorted. If necessary, use the blade to cut the sheet to size.

    Step 3

    Next, roll the Fimo cane from the centre outwards to make it longer and reduce the diameter. This maintains the pattern while marking it smaller at the same time. Create other canes in other colour combinations by repeating the procedure. Cut approx. 3mm thick slices off the different pattern canes and arrange them along the edge of the mirror tile. Try not too leave any gaps betwen the individual slices. Then press everything on firmly.

    Step 4

    Roll over the slices with the roller to obtain a smooth surface. Cut any overlapping edges off using a blade. Next, place the decorated mirror tile in the oven for 30 minutes at 110'C. After cooling, add a thin coat of Fimo varnish to the Fimo - not to mirror. This adds a wonderful shing finish.

    Tip: To create a more mussel-like apprearance, cut slightly thicker slices off the pattern cane and pull the edges with your finger to make them a little thinner. Then arrange them, press them on and, using e.g. a toothpick, make a subtle hole pattern in the circles in the middle.

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