Prismacolor Greys Marker Sets


Prismacolor French Grey Marker Set


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  1. Advanced ink formulations provide rich colour saturation with smooth, silky ink flow and coverage
  2. Impressive colour laydown
  3. Four different line widths available with each double-ended art marker
  4. Single ink reservoir for a perfect colour match end to end
  5. Adding fine detail and thick lines with one marker
  6. Illustrators and mixed media artists
  7. Clean line applications

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$38.85 tax incl.

    Prismacolor French Grey Marker Set 

    Designed for detailed work, Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers feature an advanced dye-based alcohol ink formulation that ensures rich colour saturation and coverage, and smooooth, silky ink flow.

    Each Prismacolor Art Marker features two distinct nibs capable of achieving multiple line widths. Both ends draw from a single ink reservoir for a perfect colour match end to end, making them ideal for both technical and artistic applications. Intended for professional artists and advanced students.
    • Dual-ended markers featuring both fine and chisel tips
    • Advanced ink formulation for richly saturated color and superior blendability
    • Fine point lays down sharp lines while the chisel tip creates multiple line widths
    • Single source of ink guarantees color consistency at both ends
    • Includes: 1 French Grey 10%: PM155, 1 French Grey 20%: PM156, 1 French Grey 30%: PM157, 1 French Grey 40%: PM158, 1 French Grey 50%: PM159, 1 French Grey 60%: PM160, 1 French Grey 70%: PM161, 1 French Grey 80%: PM162, 1 French Grey 90%: PM163 and 3 Black: PM98 art markers
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