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Fimo Kids Outback Set *Out of Stock*

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FIMO Form and Play Set is designed to help enhance fine motor skills, creativity and more. The set comes with everything you need to model your own animals to play with using the background scene included.

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    Fimo Kids Outback Set

    Staedtler FIMO Kids Form & Play Kit comes with everything you need to create your own models to play with. It comes with an instructional booklet to help kid get started, plus a background scene for to play against. 
    • The kit is perfect for use by early learners as they can develop their fine motor skills as they create their models.
    • The dough is super soft for easy modelling, then can be hardened in the oven.
    • The packaging is reusable so you can store unused clay without it getting dusty.
    • This kit has a outback theme.
    • The set contains 4 FIMO Kids Blocks, a modelling tool, an instructional booklet and a background scene

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