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Jacquard Pearl Ex 32 Color


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Pearl Ex creates a metallic effect without being a real metal—it will never tarnish or fade.The different particle sizes produce different effects, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen.

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    Pearl Ex 32 Color 

    Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are our most versatile product! They can be mixed into any media and applied to any surface! And the variety of finishes Pearl Ex can produce is nearly endless—from metallic sheens to pearlescent shimmers to all manner of faux finishes.

    32 of our most popular colors of powdered pigments in 3 gram bottles plus project sheets. Ideal for rubber stamping, stenciling, faux finishing, scrapbooking, polymer clay art and shrink plastic art. Compatible with all media and surfaces. Fix according to the medium used. Color fast, Non-tarnishing, Acid free, Non-toxic.

    JAC650 Micropearl swatch 650 Micropearl JAC658 Aztec Gold swatch 658 Aztec Gold JAC670 Interference Red swatch 670 Interference Red JAC683 Bright Yellow swatch 683 Bright Yellow
    JAC651 Pearl White swatch 651 Pearl White JAC659 Antique Gold swatch 659 Antique Gold JAC671 Interference Blue swatch 671 Interference Blue JAC684 Flamingo Pink swatch 684 Flamingo Pink
    JAC652 Macropearl swatch 652 Macropearl JAC660 Antique Bronze swatch 660 Antique Bronze JAC672 Interference Green swatch 672 Interference Green JAC685 Spring Green swatch 685 Spring Green
    JAC653 Red Russet swatch 653 Red Russet JAC661 Antique Copper swatch 661 Antique Copper JAC673 Interference Violet swatch 673 Interference Violet JAC686 Turquoise swatch 686 Turquoise
    JAC654 Super Russet swatch 654 Super Russet JAC662 Antique Silver swatch 662 Antique Silver JAC674 Interference Gold swatch 674 Interference Gold JAC687 True Blue swatch 687 True Blue
    JAC655 Super Copper swatch 655 Super Copper JAC663 Silver swatch 663 Silver JAC680 Duo Red-Blue swatch 680 Duo Red-Blue JAC688 Misty Lavender swatch 688 Misty Lavender
    JAC656 Brillian Gold swatch 656 Brilliant Gold JAC664 Super Bronze swatch 664 Super Bronze JAC692 Duo Green-Purple swatch 692 Duo Green-Purple JAC689 Blue Russet swatch 689 Blue Russet
    JAC657 Sparkle Gold swatch 657 Sparkle Gold JAC665 Sunset Gold swatch 665 Sunset Gold JAC693 Duo Violet-Brass swatch 693 Duo Violet-Brass JAC691 Solar Gold swatch 691 Solar Gold

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