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FIMO soft is particularly smooth and ready to use. Creative ideas can be modelled into shape in no time at all. Get inspired by the wide range of colours and discover your creativity! The 24 vibrant colours can transform even the most everyday of objects into unique designer pieces. 

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    Fimo Soft Mint 57g

    A versatile, easy-to-handle polymer clay which hardens in your kitchen oven. Brilliant color intensity, fade proof, and odorless. Unhardened, even soft kneaded, it can be used again and again if it is well packed and stored at normal room temperature. Any desired shade can be achieved by kneading together basic colors.

    After modeling simply place the object in a preheated kitchen oven set or toaster oven at 265 degrees F (129 degrees C) maximum for 10-20 minutes.

    Baked Fimo Soft can be added to and baked again, providing it hasn't been varnished. After cooling, baked Fimo Soft can be carved, sawed, filed, cut and painted; is watertight and washable.

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