Terms and conditions of use


Clay Princess is not a mega Corporation, we just love sharing our interest in arts and crafts with creative people.

Having come from Hong Kong and making Australia my home means that my English is not perfect but I am sure you will understand any communications we will have. Since having closed our retail shop, Clay Princess is now exclusively online and we have have normal daytime jobs as well. So we may not be able to respond immediately to any inquiries - but we do make an effort to get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that contact is via email only. Thanks for your understanding.

Errors and Omissions

Lots of products means lots of work keeping everything updated. Most of the product information comes direct from the manufacturers or their distributors so Clay Princess cannot be held responsible for incorrect details. It almost never happens, but prices displayed on the website could be in error and we reserve the right to advise and correct as appropriate. There will never be any surprises though, if a price is incorrect we will advise and you will have the opportunity to change or cancel your order.

Stock and Availability

The Clay Princess website does not show stock levels and there will be times when your order cannot ship immediately due to something being sold out or unavailable. With so many products and many different colours it is inevitable that delays due to shortages will occur. We will always let you know if this happens and often customers just choose a different colour of something or choose to remove the item from their order. Often we are asked just to choose a nice colour for them!


We use a program that connects directly to the Australia Post website that works out the postage costs based on weight. This is not a perfect system but generally works quite well. If something is light but is large in size, then the shipping cost will be greater than what has been calculated. Please be advised that the shipping is almost always correct, but we do need to advise that we reserve the right to advise if the shipping cost has not been calculated correctly and we will advise what adjustments need to be made to validate your order.

Everything Else

Above all we want you to have a pleasant experience using our website and to have fun being creative with our products. If you have questions on products feel free to send through an email. Asking advice or even just saying how you are going with your project is always welcomed.

Thank you for having considered Clay Princess!

Best Regards