Shipments and returns

Shipping Charges:
Our shipping costs are based on gross weight, which includes the product plus any protective packaging required to ensure that your item arrives in the best possible condition that we can achieve. Our shipping costs do not take into consideration the volumetric weight. That is - your order may not weigh a great deal, but it is physically large, which in some cases will cost more to ship. In these rare cases we may contact you to advise of any additional costs involved.

Shipping Methods:
We evaluate each order and the location individually for the best and most secure method of delivery. In most cases we will use Australia Post and Register the package at no additional cost to you. Some items are sent via Express Post.

The Express Post service by Australia Post is very quick, but there are some restrictions. Firstly it must fit into either 500g or 3Kg plastic satchel and of course be under the weight limits for that particular satchel. Australia Post will only offer an insurance claim of $100 or less for the delivery and a signature is not normally required. So we may choose Express Post if your order is small enough, is under $100 and we have a reasonably secure delivery address.

Another option at our disposal is via a courier service. Couriers are only used when we are 100% sure that we have a daytime delivery address with a knowledge that the courier can receive a signature for the delivery. Business addresses are good qualifiers for this service. Couriers are only used if the shipping costs are comparable to the Australia Post methods.

In most cases we will use recycled materials to protect your order, it may not always be pretty, but your item will arrive well protected with the environment in mind.

All returns are evaluated on a case by case basis. Books and any items on special are non-returnable. Incorrect shipments are extremely rare and will be corrected immediately upon being notified. For any return to be considered, contact must be made with 3 days of receiving your order. Products need to be returned within 7 days in original condition for the return to be considered. No fault returns will not be credited the freight costs.

A Special Note About Shipping Polymer Clay:
Polymer Clay is affected by heat. In shipping Polymer Clay, the material may be subjected to higher than expected temperatures in transit, resulting in the delivery of your clay being less pliable than expected. This in no way alters the usability, but will require a little more attention to "clay conditioning". Clay that has hardened a little in transit may need a little more "conditioning" or "massaging" before use. Simply kneading the clay between your fingers or rolling through a clay pasta machine will bring the clay back to a soft condition. Additionally, consider purchasing some Clay Softener for this purpose.