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Stainless Clay Extruder


New product

  1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and non-toxic.
  2. Comes with 20 tips of different patterns, help to create various ribbon.
  3. User friendly, easy to use and clean.
  4. Includes convenient storage container for your clay extruded discs.

More details

$13.50 tax incl.

    Stainless Clay Extruder

    • Delicate appearance design
    • Sturdy and durable material
    • Rotary design, very labor-saving
    • The extruder separates into three sections easily
    • Ideal for use with sugarpaste, petal paste, marzipan or craft clays
    • 20 Stainless Discs
    • This clay gun has 20 interchangeable discs for a range of designs
    • When using with clay, knead until soft or thinned so it extrudes with ease
    • For completing some special polymer clay techniques, cake sculpture craft and sugarcraft
    • Used for many craft projects such as polymer clay, ceramic clay.

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