Premo Sculpey


Premo Sculpey

Premo Sculpey is a polymer clay, the same great modelling clay as Sculpey but the enhanced clays in the Premo Scupley line allows for making exciting and unique projects using an artist's palette. It is an easy to use modelling clay that stays pliable until baked in a normal household oven. It can be used for many projects including making jewellery beads, home décor piece, sculptures, figurines and so many more wonderful art and craft things!

Small Premo Scupley 57g block.

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We are glad to offer you a great choice of Premo polymer clay sets. Find a fantastic variety of colors at our shop! You can find in our assortment:

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Choose Separate Blocks of Premo Sculpey Australia

If you would like to test how to work with Premo polymer clay or run out of some color making your crafts, you can order a separate block of Premo clay. Either big blocks or small - just consider the quantity you need. Have a look at the splendid collection of Premo Sculpey Australia at Clay princess to find a proper color.

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