Polymer Clay


Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay - Fimo, Fimo Soft, Premo Sculpey, Sculpey III & Scupley Souffle are an easy to use modelling clay that stays pliable until baked in a normal household oven. It can be used for many projects including making jewellery beads, home décor piece, sculptures, figurines and so many more wonderful art and craft things!

Polymer clay is a prime material for projects, mixed media, sculptures and crafts — whether you’re a beginner, a longtime lover of clay or just looking to get your hands moving. With its soft, pliable, workable and versatile nature, the possibilities of crafting with Premo Sculpey® clay are endless. You can create DIY home décor, fun figurines, beautiful jewellery, amazing structures or easy crafts. To start you off on your clay-crafting journey, here’s a list of things to make with polymer clay

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