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Fimo Kids

How playing with FIMO kids fosters the development of children

"Children live to play", says psychologist Michael Thiel. The expert explains just how important it is for children to be able to actively explore the world in which they live – and also gives tips and information on crafting, playing, learning and FIMO kids.


Colouring pictures, crafting, kneading – what may sound like a pleasant pastime to adults is, in actual fact, extremely important for a child's development.


"Children learn to understand the world through play", says psychologist Michael Thiel. "When they play, they investigate, take control of or change their surroundings. They learn how to concentrate on and get enthusiastic about something."


The expert goes on to explain that this is what provides the foundation for all subsequent learning achievements. A child's learning process is also very much dependent on it being able to feel and touch. By playing with different kinds of objects and crafting with different kinds of materials, children are not only training their motor skills, but grasping and understanding the world around them at the same time. 


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