Air Dry Clay


Air Dry Clay

Unlike Polymer Clay, air dry clays require no oven or kiln baking making them ideal for children.

Japanese Clays - Hearty Clay, CreamClay, Modena Clay & La Doll are all delicate, specialist clays. Lightweight and hold extremely fine detail.

Epoxy Clay 
This clay is a blend of premium epoxy and clay powders resulting in a smooth porcelain like surface that will not shrink when cured. 

Fimo Efaplast & Fimo Air
- Lighter than Darwi, more suited for larger objects, dolls heads and masks where a clay-like feel is wanted.

SculptaMold - Stronger and more durable than ClayCrete and clings to almost any surface. SculptaMold sets quicker than ClayCrete and is modelled by adding more material, even after dry.

ClayCrete - Instant paper mache - just add water. Shake the bag, mix with water to make a paste, then hand mold or apply over an armature. Once set, detailed modelling can begin. Sets to a pure white and extremely lightweight.

DAS - Is air hardening clay with a smooth, even texture that can be used on supports such as wood, cardboard, and terra cotta.

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