Jacquard Paints & Inks


Lumiere - Stunning metallic & pearlescent colours for natural & synthetic fibers, leather, wood, paper.
Neopaque -
These beautiful, highly opaque colours easily cover dark backgrounds with only a light application.
Textile Traditionals -
These intense, semi-opaque colours leave your fabric as soft as possible.
Dye Na Flow -
A free flowing, concentrated liquid colour for use on any untreated fabric.
Jacquard Professional Screen Inks -
These top quality screen inks have an extended open time unmatched by any other.
Versatex Screen Printing Inks -
For screen printing, stenciling, or block printing.
Jacquard Airbrush Colours -
48 gorgeous colours - 8 of each Opaques, Transparents, Metallics, Fluorscents,  Brights, Iridescents.

Piñata Colours -
Beautiful, highly saturated colors for glass, plastic, metal foil, metal, leather paper, vinyl, etc.

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