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Lovable Beaded Creatures Book


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    Lovable Beaded Creatures Book 

    From penguins to anteaters, butterflies to kangaroos, witches on broomsticks to wizards with magic wands, these charming beaded projects are colorful, challenging, and original.

    The appealing variety features creatures of the sea, air, forest, and, of course, the imagination. Some—including a fun honeybear holding a hive with a bee on top—are beautifully lifelike, and they make great toys, hanging ornaments, jewelry, or display pieces.

    The detail on each one is amazing too: a red-bearded Viking sits in a dragon boat, carrying his shield and holding oars to row. Best of all, they’re easy to craft, with all the information on techniques and materials thoroughly outlined in photos and diagrams, and accompanied by professional tips.