Stella Lighting


Stella Lighting

Meet Stella, the world’s most loved personal lighting solution.  What started as a task light designed for children, quickly became the preferred lighting instrument for people worldwide.  People love the Stella for reading, arts and crafts, low vision supplementation, and general task lighting.  All Stella products give the user maximum control over color, dimming capabilities, and light position. Stella has no bulb to replace and minimal energy consumption.

Stella Lighting There are 2 products.

  • Stella Lighting-Stella Task Lamp: Black. Enjoy a lamp that features five stages of dimming and Tri-Spectrum Technology allowing for three different light spectrums (warm natural and cool white colors). 

  • Tri-Spectrum technology Stella Lighting products offer three colour spectrums of light in one lamp. No UV and less heat  Dimming Functions Wireless Remote controls power,  lighting modes and brightness Extendable height range  from 4 to 6 feet (1.22 to 1.83 metres) 50,000 + lifespan  (last over 50,000 hours before you notice any dimming)

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