Japanese Clay


Japanese Clay

Japanese Air Dry Clays are reknowned for their fine delicate texture.

Hearty is a super lightweight modeling clay, amazingly light, pliant and easy to handle. Suberb for making flowers, light weight dolls and figurines.

Japanese Cream Clay
Perfect for making miniature cake creations and and other craft projects.  Once dried, clay remains firm and is extremely lightweight.

Grace is an extremely fine textured Japanese air-dry resin clay - perfect for sculpting fine details such as dolls faces, hands and feet for miniatures etc.

With formability and strength well balanced, "La Doll" is a standard type clay that is suitable for making anything. Highly formable, it can be used easy to express a delicate look. It is best for modeling dolls. "La Doll" can also be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat, or you can soak paper and cloth into it and form a shape.

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